About Us

Mission Statement

We are Positively Promoting Piqua, a diverse group of Piqua citizens, including wage earners, retirees, responsible property owners, and local business, professional and civic leaders, united to help Piqua be the best it can be and focused on positive efforts to help Piqua improve and grow as an outstanding community in which to live and work.

We Believe In

Striving To Be an Outstanding Community

Piqua needs a comprehensive program to make our community a great place - and a more attractive community for our citizens, our businesses, their employees, and business leaders.

Keeping Piqua on a Path Forward

We need to keep our City on a positive, progressive path – poised for economic development and providing an excellent quality of life for our citizens.

Speaking Up for Positive Solutions

Affirmative, positive action by the many Piqua citizens who agree with our principles is needed to oppose the forces of negativity in our community. Remaining a silent majority on Piqua's future is not a viable option.

A Well-Informed Community

We need to work together to provide the community with accurate information on issues that affect the citizens of Piqua.

Forward-Thinking Leadership Committed to Working for Piqua as a Whole

We need elected representatives and city officials who are intelligent, well-informed, experienced and forward thinking, who are committed to working for the benefit of Piqua as a whole, who face our problems squarely, who want Piqua to be a strong, clean, and safe community in which to work and live, and who develop and implement innovative programs to achieve these objectives.

Supporting Our Public Amenities

Our public amenities, including our streets, our city parks and other recreational areas, our schools and our public library, make up an important part of the fabric of the Piqua community. We must work together as a community to support them and keep them in good condition and appropriately funded.

The Importance of Great Neighborhoods

We want Piqua and its neighborhoods to be the best they can be. The appearance of our neighborhoods, and our willingness as a community to stand up for their appearance, are vital. The majority of Piqua people take pride in their property and our neighborhoods. But we cannot afford to ignore neighborhood blight and its negative effect on our community as a whole. For this reason, Piqua needs to continue its focus on improving our neighborhoods.

Putting Our Best Foot Forward, to Help Grow Piqua Now

We need to constantly recognize that Piqua competes with many other communities for businesses, jobs and people. We need to act and look our best, to help Grow Piqua Now succeed.

A Great Future for Piqua

We see Piqua as a community with a great future before it. We need to work together, in a positive and cooperative manner, to achieve this vision and sustain it, for Piqua's citizens today and those coming after us.